Our Commitment to Global Citizenship and Sustainability

We believe that business has a critical role to play in creating an equitable and sustainable future. In 2019, we launched Design the Change, a strategy to accelerate our work across global citizenship and sustainability.

Design the Change is anchored in commitments that will drive progress across our three focus areas: creating timeless style, protecting the environment and championing better lives.

“To design without fashion in mind, to design something legendary that has a sense of timelessness and that still excites us, is what I aspire to. It’s never about one piece. It’s about an entire spirit, a way of living.”

Maximize Product Lifetime

We create garments that are meant to be loved, worn and passed down for generations, and our rental service capitalizes on the longevity and timelessness of our collections. By joining our rental program, you’re contributing to the reduction of clothing waste by expanding the lifespan of garments you might otherwise purchase and wear only a few times.

Cleaning Process

Each garment you receive goes through a vigorous cleaning procedure and superior quality checks. Our cleaning process uses PERC-free cleaning products which are safer than traditional dry cleaning chemicals.

Donating Retired Garments

We donate all retired items to Delivering Good, a nonprofit organization that partners with retailers, manufacturers, foundations and individuals to distribute apparel, accessories, shoes, home furnishings, toys, books and useful items to people affected by poverty and tragedy. Visit Delivering-Good.org to learn more.

Read our Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report